The Gratitude Response

Gratitude offers you an invitation to open wide the door to happiness and admit more contentment into your life. It encourages you to pause and reflect on the countless reasons for gratefulness that arise from all the supportive people and events of your life.

The Gratitude Response is your opportunity to express thanks for all the numberless gifts of your life. Thankfulness is an antidote to the mistaken belief that we are entitled as of right to everything we might desire. This false sense of entitlement leads to an endless cycle of discontent.

An Attitude of Gratitude gives you an opportunity to break that cycle of restlessness and enjoy the happiness that is the natural reward of gratitude.

So I hope you will forgive a little bit of self-promotion in order to publicise my book The Gratitude Response which is published on Amazon

By going to the Amazon site you can take a look inside, decide to buy it as a paperback of as a Kindle book readable on a kindle or computer or tablet, and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can even read the entire book for free.

We are surrounded by reasons for gratitude every minute of every day.  This book introduces you to many of those reasons and it encourages you to watch out for more reasons of your own.

I would appreciate if you read The Gratitude Response to please take a minute of two to rate it so that others can see if it might be useful to them in the daily effort to live a happier life.

Thank you very much and may your every day be filled with reasons for gratitude and joy.

Tony Brady – Dublin – 27 June 2016

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